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Replace Willfulness with Willingness

Replace Willfulness with Willingness
Willfulness is SITTING ON YOUR HANDS when action is needed, refusing to make changes that are needed.

Willfulness is GIVING UP.

Willfulness is the OPPOSITE OF “DOING WHAT WORKS,” being effective.

Willfulness is trying to FIX every situation.

Willfulness is REFUSING TO TOLERATE the moment.


Willingness is DOING JUST WHAT IS NEEDED in each situation, in an unpretentious way. It is focusing on effectiveness.

Willingness is listening very carefully to your WISE MIND, acting from your inner self.

Willingness is ALLOWING into awareness your connection to the universe—to the earth, to the floor on which you are standing, to the chair on which you are sitting, to the person with whom you are talking.

--Marsha M. Linehan