Working together to achieve balance in all aspects of life.

Practice Policies

1. Patient confidentiality is very important to me. Information disclosed to me or to any of us at the Center For Creative Balance is released to other agencies or individuals only with the explicit permission of the patient except in life-threatening situations where I am ethically and legally responsible to disclose to authorities my knowledge of a particular, dangerous circumstance. One of the reasons I am not on any insurance panels is to avoid releasing to insurance companies information about my patients which is of a private nature. A patient, on the other hand, is free to talk with anyone about anything which transpires during the work with me.

2. Payment in full by either cash or check is due at the time of service.

3. A receipt can be provided that will allow patient filing of applicable insurance.

4. Since an appointment is the reservation of my time, it is customarily courteous to give, whenever possible, three working days notice of the need to change an appointment. Unless someone else requests the cancelled, reserved time, the patient will be charged for appointments cancelled within one working day of an appointment time (to avoid charge for a Monday appointment, it must be cancelled by the corresponding time on Friday). Insurance cannot be billed for a missed or late cancellation, so the patient will be responsible for the entire charge for the reserved time.

5. Every effort will be made to begin and end sessions on time. If I am necessarily late beginning a session, then where possible the session will be extended to allow for the full session time. If a patient is late for a session, then the session will usually have to end on time in order for me to be able to see others on time and also get the other things done which are required of me.

6. Requests for prescription refills can be called into our answering machine 919-967-6353 or faxed to 919-933-6333. Whenever possible, it is best for these requests to be made at least four days ahead of when they will be needed. Pharmacies will be phoned Monday through Thursday between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Routine prescription-refill requests received after 3:00 p.m. will be phoned in to the pharmacy the following morning.

7. I try to be as available as possible to my patients and at the same time have private time for personal rest and relaxation. I prefer to receive phone calls during the work day before 3 p.m., though I will always try to deal with emergencies to whatever extent possible at any time. For an emergency, an urgent matter, or if you have phoned before and not heard back, I can usually be reached on my cellular phone at 919-971-7992. Whenever I am out of town or unavailable for a prolonged period of time, another mental health professional will cover my practice, and their number will be on my answering machine. There may be times when I may not be available when you would like to talk with me. At those times, someone will always be available through the emergency room nearest to you. In this area, psychiatry residents are always available for emergencies at the emergency rooms of Duke University Medical Center (919-684-8111) and The University of North Carolina Hospital (919-966-4131). My home telephone number is 919-967-0489.

These policies reflect my current best efforts to describe what I believe I can reasonably offer to someone seeking my help and what I expect from them. All of these policies are open to discussion with regard to their necessity and intent. I will try to be flexible wherever and whenever that is reasonably possible for me and therapeutically indicated for you in my estimation. I expect you to assume the responsibility for speaking up whenever you disagree with any of my approaches or feel you cannot comply with my policies.