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Listening and Sharing For Understanding

Listening and Sharing For Understanding
Have an attitude of pre-validation. In other words, assume that all persons "make sense" and are valid before they speak.

Listeners seek to understand the "sense" that speakers are making and are trying to express.

Speakers share from their personal perspective and don’t assume they are expressing the opinions of anyone else. Use “I” statements and avoid “you” statements.

Facilitators and everyone in attendance encourage all points of view and honor real differences.

Work to shift the tone from "conflict" to "sharing." Saying you want to make an "addition" can be a powerful alternative to debating and win/lose thinking.

Encourage a sense of seeing a larger picture by valuing each person’s contribution to the group consciousness.

Don’t do or say anything you wouldn’t want done or said to you.

Listening and sharing for the purpose of understanding can lead to peace.