Working together to achieve balance in all aspects of life.

Experience, Training, and Personal Principles

• Navy veteran of Vietnam era

• Wake Forest University degree in Biology

• University of North Carolina medical degree

• Duke University Medical Center Psychiatry residency

• Durham Regional Hospital Chief Resident in Psychiatry

• Duke clinical faculty since 1985

• Long-distance, trail hiker

• Track record of integrity and positive results in a variety of both public and private practice settings providing crisis, intermediate, and long-term treatment of the full spectrum of psychiatric problems

• Validation and acceptance of others where they are

• Attitude of loving kindness, while advocating appropriate strength when indicated for restoration of balance

• Goal of living in accordance with advocated principles, especially not doing to others what I wouldn’t want done to me

• Years of experience facilitating interfaith understanding—diverse spiritual paths valued and respected—prayer and meditation used personally for seeking balance and for guidance in decision making