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Comments by Colleagues

"Dr. Wells...has consistently proved to be one of the top most psychiatrists with whom I have ever worked (in the top 1%). The fact that Dr. Wells, in addition to his sharp psychopharmacology skills, also exhibits excellent therapeutic skills sets him above the rest. Dr. Wells is able to establish positive rapport with the most difficult and challenging of patients. He has completely transformed the treatment of many of our patients."

Heather Twomey, Ph.D., Psychologist, Dorothea Dix Hospital,

"Dr. Wells has demonstrated a particularly nuanced capacity to integrate a psychodynamic psychotherapeutic approach with management of psychotropic medications and other medical needs. Throughout the years, I have had multiple occasions to refer patients to Dr. Wells. ...I continue to hold him in my highest regard."

David Hawkins, M.D., Psychiatrist, Chapel Hill, NC,

"Over the years, I have referred many patients to Dr. Wells for psychiatric consultation, and on several occasions have worked in concert with him, managing difficult cases. The care he provided was exemplary. I can attest to his excellent clinical judgment and the careful attention he paid to patients. As a family practitioner I have on occasion sought his advice informally, and he has without exception provided expertise which has been invaluable to me in my practice."

Arthur Axelbank, M.D., Primary Care, Hillsborough, N.C.